Monday, March 8, 2010

Bountiful Baskets vs. Field to Families

Within a couple of days of each other, I learned of two food co-ops that deliver fresh produce to my area. The first was Field to Families. What I love about them is they deal with local and regional growers, and although not certified organic, aim to work with farmers that are pesticide free.

Their delivery locations range from Pocatello, Idaho in the north to Bountiful and Heber in the south. Salt Lake and Provo are currently not on their list, but new locations are added monthly. I wouldn't be surprised if you sign up for a free account, they would work to add pick up areas near you.

The second food co-op is Bountiful Baskets. This entity seems more established and is popular enough that they can get away with a completely stupid web-site. For instance, you have to battle every week for a spot for that week's order (which as I write, is currently down). It sounds like a weekly cattle call, and if you're willing to go through the hoops over and over win! Who knows, by the time you click this link it may be up again. They service areas in Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Washington. One plus side, they also have international spices, muffins, and other sundries to meet more grocery needs.

So there's my review. Bountiful Baskets is popular, looks good, but give me a break! I've signed up for a monthly service with Field to Families, and for $15 each pick-up, I get 8 units of produce. My first pick-up, and first 8 units looked like this:

So until I start failing in my garden again...we're eating good with Field to Families this week!


HOLLY GERD said...

there is another local co-op which is something similar. it's a weekly delivery and everything comes in cute Bee Box. they also offer other add ons as well. They guarentee their produce so if you have any problems they will replace it. their website is totally user friendly with no "battle for a spot."

Mrs. Olsen said...

Green Bee looks very cool. Thanks for the link! And for anyone interested, Green Bee has a bigger delivery area along the wasatch front (than FtoF).

Anonymous said...

Here's my problem with something like that: I don't like beets. (I think it actually stems from your dad; one time I was at your house and he gave me this really creepy, toothy grin . . . and his teeth were all red!)