Monday, February 8, 2010

Week of Love: Valentine

This week I want to blog about love, and lovely things. As a tribute to last year's kissing fest, I posted a slideshow for your viewing pleasure at the top of the blog. I'll keep it up a week so enjoy it while you can!

And since today is Monday, and Valentine's Day is Sunday, then you have plenty of time to order this cute stuff on Etsy to show your Valentine just how special they are to you. Check it:

These "articulated dolls" are from seller Wool and Water. I love how simple, old school, and detailed they are.

Start with this, and a few included brads, and for just $10 bucks... have this timeless valentine!

You scrapbook fools could add a pink background to the goth couple, and they would transform easily from Halloween into Cupid's Dream

One more Etsy shop embodies Mrs. Olsen's desperate love of the open road, wind in the hair, blaring radio tunes, and adventure. Etsy shop triesteprusso has cultivated custom map mounts to commemorate adventures you have had on the road. If my bleeding aching heart ever ever ever gets back to the Oregon Coast, then this is the token reminder for that trip.

*Ahem* Mister of the House? If you're reading mounts are for future trips only.

And here's your Oregon trip with its buddies here:

Love from,
Mrs. Olsen


sophia said...

That slideshow makes me so happy and excited to do something lovey for my mister.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Ooh Sophia. I want to hear about your lovey-ness. Maybe you could give him a baby girl for Valentine's Day?

Nat said...

Love the 'Love slideshow'. There's an awful lot of kissin' going on. And those brad-jointed paper dolls are genius. Man, people are so darn creative.