Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saturday & Sunday Greens Makes One Week!

Still eating salad every day, but it's taking me a week and a half to document one week of doing so. I could drive the final nail in my blog's coffin if I decided to write every stinkin' day about salad. I think highlighting a week every once in a while will suffice. Besides, if I am eating greens every day in 2010...I have plenty of time. Still going strong!

I had another Wedgie on Saturday. Which reminds me, from some of your comments it's apparent "The Wedge" is still alive in fine restaurants (which is why it totally escaped my radar). However, I think I can safely deduce that The Wedge has diminished in glory since the 1960's. Duh. It's now competing with Costa Vida, Cafe Rio, and Bajio's. For my wedge, I got to eat it on a custom made rocket.

We have totally rumbly bumbly boy action at my house, as the next couple of pictures will attest.

We flew to the blue planet, green planet, yellow, red, and purple (my favorite). Thanks for the ride boys.

Most Sundays will be a feast with The Mister's family. Here's the greens that I'm not guaranteeing took up half the plate on Sunday.


paula said...

I have some really great home-made salad dressing recipes if you're interested.

Mrs. Olsen said...

absolutely interested. BTW, what day should we schedule for the swap?

Anonymous said...

Love the rocket. Our chairs get turned into a bus, mostly. Why, I don't know, since I can't seem to get them to get on the real one.