Friday, December 18, 2009

Letter: Dear Monica

I couldn't believe your recent finds at the antique store!

I guess if I was a designer, I would say they have "good bones", but I'm not a designer. So I'll just say, they look old. I can hear you laugh now, waiting to show me how they were diamonds in the rough.

You got me! I figured I would show you what I've been up to, since we haven't been around for a while. I'll be quick about it: Buddha Baby grew up, got kicked out of his crib, and Rainbow Girl finally got her own room!

By the way, nothing like your make-overs, but clean, good, and (hopefully) a little more organized. I've broken it down quite scientifically for you:

I can't even tell you how badly Rainbow Girl needed a desk. No more banishing her to the nether-regions so she can focus!

The wicker chest is now holding mittens by my front door. And I brought in the bookcase from her old room, which opened that other room nicely as well thanks for asking!

Sorry about the glare from my high quality point and shoot camera. Here's the last angle.

Can't wait to play next week during Christmas break!

With Love from Your Sister,
Mrs. Olsen


jennaloha said...

I read your letter to your sister. I feel sneaky like I opened somebody's else's mail.

But and

I love your babygirl's poem. Apparently mastery of diction is in the genes.

paula said...

I love what you've done with her room.....almost as much as I love her poem. She's talented like her momma.

Lee Family said...

aaaaaaaah. Such a great job sissy! Rainbow Chickie has a sweet soul that one. Totally cute, very organized, so impressed - eat Amma's dust Monica. And where is my personal letter and quit rubbing it in that you get to hang out and eat her caramels - I'm sick of this crap. AND when I call 15 times Christmas break, don't pretend like you don't have time to talk to me and I made Moka promise to send me caramels and why do I live so far away? I want to see your room transformation in person - Okay, I started this comment all-positive and now I'm just pissed. (maybe this comment will earn some sympathy from Moka and get me an extra caramel in the mail.)

Lee Family said...

oh and santa picture of offspring 3 is tooooo die for

Mrs. Olsen said... called 15 times and I don't have time to talk? Truly you jest. Did you even read my post-script to you about kicking Rainbow Girl out of her room if you come for a visit?

There's no place like home for the holidays. I'm sorry to say. But I must add, home isn't the same if your little sissy isn't there too. I love and miss you!

p.s. Jenna and WAS a lovely poem wasn't it? Thanks!

Monica said...

LOVED the room makeover!! You did a fabulous job, I must say. I love the desk and the organizer bins. Wow! And all the baskets under her bed. Good job. I'm anxiously awaiting your update of the wall decor. Rainbow girl's poem was very good--Lexi and I were both impressed.

P.S. Lexi says she misses Chloe a lot and can't wait for you to come up this week!

Wade and Marilyn said...

You did a great makeover job. I loved Rainbow Girl's poem.