Monday, June 15, 2009

Nature Crazy Getaway

When I was a mutt growing up on Apache Avenue, I was just one kid in a litter of 5. It was easy to get lost in the crowd.

I was a bit shy around new people. I was the only light-haired daughter, was pigeon-toed, and could run faster than all the boys. Those were just surface though. If anyone spent a few days with me, my guard came down and they soon learned that I could belch like a bartender, cried if anyone got mad at me, and preferred to flex and twist for hours on the trampoline over just about anything else.

This is why you should go camping with your future spouse. Make sure all those little details come to the surface. I love that process of really getting to know people. You're always in for a surprise, and quite often it's a delightful one. Like this past week, when Rainbow Girl had a 3 day sleepover with her cousin, Grace.

There's something so endearing about a bejeweled bum little girl with fashionable flip-flops being so totally obsessed with animals and nature. Even if I did get my hostess skills on for real, this kid would have had nothing to do with it. She spent hours and hours just standing, talking, and playing with the chickens.

Plus for once Mrs. Olsen didn't have to remind Rainbow Girl to get the eggs. Cousin Grace was so in tune with the Bok Bok Ladies, she brought me their eggs twice a day.

As a bonus to all these visiting cousins, Rainbow Girl got to celebrate her birthday twice.

Can you believe she's 8 years old?

So if I spent a few days with you, what would I learn?


Candice said...

I did not know that you were shy, or that you could belch. I did know a little of your athletic prowess.

Cousins are the best.

If you spent three days with me, you might find that I love crowds, hate scrapbooking, and wish that I could do a back layout like you. If you were with me for three days, I would make you teach me that awesome skill; if that is possible for a 34 year old to do.

Tara said...

I wonder if you still do some of the same tricks you did to us when we'd sleep over. If so, I guess I better just visit you in the 'day time'.

I'm curious to learn more, so I will stay tuned!

Yay for celebrating birthdays multiple times. Awesome! And no, can't believe she's 8. Wow! Time flies by!

Anonymous said...

I totally knew you could belch.

Like. A. Bartender.

No lie.

Monica said...

I love that Grace and Chloe had so much fun together! And that Grace is such an animal lover. It's awesome.

If you could spend three days with me, you would learn that I am crazy (or did you already know that?)

jennaloha said...

All those childhood traits are probably why you were my husband's first crush. I'm a little jealous of this but I'll deal.

If you spent three days with me we could fix each other. I'm totally duckfooted, and with your pigeontoes we could average out and appear to be normal people.

Wade and Marilyn said...

Hey, we also had a birthday cake in Rexburg with the Leishman cousins. So I think she got to celebrate three times.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Thanks for playing Candice and Monica. How come no one else is telling me their under the surface traits?

Oh and BTW EarwaxWendy, I totally don't even belch anymore. My kids don't even know about it, but back in the day I'm sure I was a legend.

Tara? tricks? what are you talking about?

And Jennaloha, I thought my first grade crush on Blake Scoresby was one way. Good to hear that it was silently reciprocated.

If you spent 3 days with me nowadays, you would learn that I'm grumpy if I don't get a good night's rest, I like to cook, and I never do my hair. But I'm working on that.

paula said...

Three things you would learn about me in three days: 1) I love music..always have it on. 2) I rearrange my furniture almost weekly. 3) I have a place for everything and it drives me crazy when things aren't in their place.