Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama Love

My mom is far far away
this Mother's Day....

I miss her so,
and if she were nearby, or down the street
I'd rub lotion into her cracking, hard as a saddle, catch-like-velcro
super dry feet.

With the finest water from the tallest alp
I'd boil black bristly brushes
then rush,
with sanitized brush
and make way for the scalp!

With mom on the floor
I'd sit on the couch, we'd lush
over a dumb girlie movie
while I brushed and brushed

She'd sit straight,
She'd smile
thirsty feet nourished
girlie dreams flourished

Then with fuzzed and fro-ed wishes
and tingly head
I'd put her to bed

and do the dishes.

Hurry home soon mom I miss you.  Happy Mother's Day!  I'll make it up to you when you get home. 

Much love from your daughter,
Mrs. Olsen

And in honor of all the other mothers in the world who suck, here's this:


Anonymous said...

I remember doing that with your mom. Happy memories.

Happy Mother's Day!


Monica said...

Can't wait to watch you keep your word on this one, Bosie!

Lee Family said...

Does that mean I should have done all of that?

LGH said...

Loved the poem and the sentiments to your mom...

About the video clip, do you suppose that is for REAL?

Mrs. Olsen said...

Niki, no I don't think you should have done all that. I had to make some hefty promises since I didn't even mail her a gift or anything. And of course the family secretary Monica will make sure I do it.

LGH, the video looked real to me but who really knows. The real question is how are those kids doing today?