Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hairy Scary Democracy Now

If it was the early 90's and I was at the edge of a mid-life crisis, I would paint myself pretty with baby blue clown makeup, don a feather boa and get a wish-I-was-famous Glamour Shot.  Truth is, it's a new century and Glamour Shots went the way of Mary Stuart Masterson (my favorite 80's movie star...where are you?).  Thank Goodness for that.  Except for the Mary Stuart Masterson part.

Also true, I'm getting old.  And soft.  So that mid-life crisis thing is in the horizon.  Plus I haven't been to a hair salon in years. 
And if there was ever a time to comment on my is the time.  Heck, go anonymous I don't care.   Be part of the new blogging democracy and help me tame the beast!

Speaking of movie stars, every recent flick I've seen lately asks the question: should I steal her do? Of course, the bony power face is lacking, so who can pull this crap off?

Loved Wright-Penn's falling around the face layers in State of Play.  BTW, bit all my fingernails OFF during this flick.  That means it was exciting and good.

Duplicity was good for those that like to solve the storyline, and get it wrong. I think it may have played some trick cards even for those that like this genre. But what am I talking about? Back to the hair.  Who doesn't want Julia Roberts hair ever. Big loose curls. Do perms exist that can do this? Will I get free leg-warmers for using the word perm when asking for advice?

Yes, I've even seen the new X-Men movie. Here's Wolverine true love. The long layers are calling me Silverfox. But let's be honest, I will not spend more than 15 minutes on my hair most days. Can I have hair like this and keep it easy to tame in under 30 minutes?

Speaking of beast, hear me roar:

make-up free and proud...
and needing to feel pretty.


Wade and Marilyn said...

first of all, doing your hair in braids does not count as doing or "primping" your hair. That doesn't even count. You go 2 days to limit your primping but -seriously - two braids don't count.
I've said it many times - long layers - texturizing. Just make sure the hairdresser cuts it long enough so you still can primp it into two braids or you just might die if you can't transform into Pocahontas.
and cut it today.
i let go of my security blanket - or rather it was stolen from me by Holiday Inn Express - curse them. BUT it's time to let it go already.

Anonymous said...

In case you couldn't tell, the last comment was from Niki. I vote for Julia's hair, which would go along with Niki's advice. Your face is beautiful no matter what you do. Love, Mom

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

I thought that first comment was a little terse for Marilyn.

My mother-in-law got cancer last year, so I've decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love when it gets long enough. (which might be 2018, unfortunately). Anyway, my hair is longer now that it has been probably since Jr. High. It's driving me insane, and I can barely put it in a ponytail.

Where was I going with that? I, personally, prefer short hair? No, that wasn't it.

Oh, yeah. Donate 10" to Locks of Love--which by my estimation puts it at about your bra strap. Get some nice long layers, then you can still Pocahontas but also pretty up for church and dates with your hubby. If you have a good stylist, she (or he) can give you some good tips and products to help give you the look you want without as much fuss.

I agree with your mom, too. You're a beauty, no matter what your hair looks like.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Wendy... 10 inches?

I support Locks of Love as a great idea only for other people and not as an entity to rip my security blanket from my hands. Niki you know you'd still be sleeping with your blankie if you hadn't left it at the Holiday Inn Express, so don't be all heartless about security blankets okay?

Also Niki, braids count. I have to brush it first okay.

So keep talkin' people. Robin Wright's locks right, no curls. What about highlights? How far will $75 take me at the salon?

Anonymous said...

wanda, you're awesome.
Bos, you're funny. You do have to brush before you braid so I guess you're right. I do want to echo other comments that you are SO beautiful no matter what you do. don't highlight because you'll never go back to keep it up and the frosting home kit won't cut it and you won't have enough gift certificates to get you back to the salon - so NO highlights because you won't spend the money or the time to keep them up.
nothing but love here.
love, Ninny

Monica said...

I agree with all--no highlights, it's too much money and effort to upkeep. Long layers, yes! And yes, you could cut off 10 inches and it would still be long enough to do the braids. I don't know about the perm. It seems like when they try to do the loose curls, the perm doesn't last long. Love ya!!!

Heather said...

I was laughing so hard to think that your ma or pa made that first comment... I completely agree with Niki though, long lovely layers. 10 inches? I swear your hair was as long as I am high. You've got inches to spare.
$75 won't take you as far as it used to, but pay for the cut and use the remainder to invest in some good shampoo and conditioner from the salon. The good stuff always makes my hair happy.

sophia said...

I sure wish you Andersons would stop using each other's accounts-- it's so confusing! Mrs. Olsen, you totally have the right idea-- any of those dos would look great and bravo for having the courage to let go of the blanket. I heard on What Not to Wear that anything extreme (color, length, style) makes one look older. So just think, letting go of it will take you right back to your 20s!

Rands Family said...

I think that you should cut it off and donate it that is what I try to do with it I can do it about every two years. Someone would love to get your hair! I now like to have my hair up to my shoulders or a little shorter, but I grown it out to donate it. That is my advice for you, but as long as I have known you, you have like to have long hair. Good luck on deideing what to do.

Wade and Marilyn said...

Can we see a picture of the new "do?"

paula said...

ooh-I think I'm coming into this conversation a little late. You've probably already made the salon plunge. I agree with everyone about the long layers....DO IT!
You can let go of 10 inches and still have the blanket. I agree with Heather, invest in some high quality hair products. It really can make all the difference. No with the perm and no for the color...$75 probably won't even come close. If you've already done the pictures would ya?

Anonymous said...

Cha! I saw something on the news last week. A site where you can sell your hair. The long unprocessed hair goes for a lot! Might as well make a buck, eh?

Mrs. Olsen said...

I did go to the salon and my haircut took over 2 hours! And guess what? Rainbow Girl couldn't even tell that I had cut it. So I think I'm going in for round 2 before I post pictures.

BTW everyone, Locks of Love will take donations at 8 inches (instead of 10). Oh, and sorry but I didn't cut 8 inches off (except my shortest layer).

Okay, I like my new hair but not enough of a change cuz I was/am a baby. But I really really appreciated all the input, I needed it!

Cha! Where are you? And why is my nickname Cha...or is it yours? I can't even remember.

Come over and play VB with me. I'll set you a quickset in the middle and you will slam it and we will be glorious and victorious in the city or church league.