Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prank Watch and a Steal of a Deal

Tomorrow is April Fools Day. My own childhood list of auxiliary annoyances included: shortsheeting beds, balancing a (paper) cup of water against a cracked doorway, or blasting ketchup packets after faux falling on the asphalt.

Now that I have my own offspring to teach the wonders of pranks, I rely on a Mrs. Olsen staple: Family Fun Magazine.

One April prank I found at this mag I tried a couple years ago. I fixed dinner and halfway through, brought out the meatloaf that just made it out of the oven.

other holiday fun include these lil' smokies we like to eat up in the autumn.

Birthday tips abound as well

Which is why you must know about this once in a blue moon deal. Give 4 annual subscriptions of Family Fun Magazine for just $5 each. I'm not sure when this deal ends, but it looks like it will be good into the month of May (for Mother's Day). Here's the link for the $5 subscriptions


Monica said...

Thanks for the tips! Lexi was just trying to come up with some good pranks to try on Jaden tomorrow.

Danielle said...

thanks for the family fun info, mine subscription just ran out. And I gave it to my sister in laws for bday gifts. wahooo