Monday, March 2, 2009

Lovely Monday: Kristen and Marshall

If you're female, and married to a feminist, what does that make you?

That makes you Kristen, the little sister of The Mister of the House. For any and all conservative readers out there, I would like to expand you're world a bit by sharing this little revelation: some feminists are....male.

[shudder] whaaaaa. ?

I know you didn't realize that this was possible, but alas, it is true. And Kristen's other half, an Olsen transplant like myself, is a self-proclaimed "hard-core feminist".

As far as I can tell, being married to a feminist means that Marshall (guilty party) likes to make bread, play with his kids, adore his wife, and become sweetly stubborn when he encounters a world that exploits for the sake of power, that furthers injustice for the sake of greed, or that says his kids aren't the cutest mutts on the block.

In Mrs. Olsen's ongoing series called "Here's my family in 8X10 black-and-white snippets sharing a kiss for my future kissing wall" I hereby present Kristen & Marshall:

What makes their love unique? Marshall's muddied the Olsen gene pool with his trim-if-you-dare Grandpa eyebrows. And Kristen is the only person in my generation that, immediately upon marriage, frequently began using the word "dear".

Dear, could you bring me a diaper for Peter?

Let's sit down and watch a "Soldier's Peace" dear, I hear it's an excellent documentary.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot call The Mister of the House "dear", it's so granny to me. And I absolutely adore that this crazy couple frequently uses this moniker. Kristen, if you're reading this: please don't stop.

What else makes their love unique? Kid #1 was conceived in Africa. Kid #2 was conceived in Jerusalem. They have traveled, worked, and served all over the globe, and when they finally came back "home" they took the Olsen Family on a 500-mile journey after Marshall served in the Iraq War. They are passionate about life, their kids, and making the world a better place...for all the people they hold dear to their hearts.


paula said...

They sound so neat. I wish I knew them.

Lee Family said...

I LOVE his eyebrows. They're awesome in all their freaking world travels. I can see how you feel short in your world travels compared to them. Just remember that the rest of us feel short in our travels compared to you. it's all relative. - that was a little pun - you know relative. okay, love ya bye.