Monday, November 17, 2008

Mrs. Olsen Presents: Olsen Multimedia's First (but not Last) Feature-Length Documentary

Since I spent last week glorifying my own Christmas list through my expert gift consultation ideas, I figured I would stop sounding like a commercial and talk about just one more thing you need to buy right now or your life will be forever changed for the worse.

Okay so back up a little. Here's a picture of my niece that's the same age as Vanilla Wafer. This picture will force the oohs and aahs out of you. Wait for it.....

wait for it....

(now scroll down).


Good one, huh? This is Marshall, and he married into the digitally-enhanced Olsen Family just like me. Here he is kissing his newborn daughter one more time before he boards the plane taking him to his deployment in Iraq. Me and all the Olsen's were wrenching our hands together in worry until he came back, safe and sound, a year later.

Having a baby at practically the same time (little niece is just 3 weeks younger than Vanilla Wafer), meant dealing with the worry of a potentially fatherless niece on top of my own hormones, crazed milk glands, sleepless nights, and dirty diapers. Having a newborn can make a woman in desperate need of her husband, even if it's just to change diapers, give shoulder rubs, tell her she's still pretty, and most importantly, to show off newly-acquired baby tricks. Sorry you had to do that alone Ting.

Although her dad missed her baby-tricks for the first year, he has made up for it now. Here's little niece now with two of my offspring. Aren't they all just happy and beautiful? Marshall has now been with her longer than he was apart from her, and I daresay she can't even remember her daddy was gone. She will be forever blessed by his service, and more than in the unquestioning reverence we so often give our soldiers (and they rightly deserve), but because of the thoughtfulness of his service.

I have sat back and witnessed the wrenching of body and soul while Marshall worked out his duel roles as soldier and follower of Christ. It was and is a thoughtful and painful process. So when Marshall returned from Iraq, he began his own catharsis by proclaiming peace through a 500-mile walk through the state of Utah. And those multimedia proned Olsen's followed him all along with their cameras. I can safely say that this is a certifiable Olsen Product, their very first feature-length documentary. I'm quite sure it won't be their last.

Among highlighting the Olsen video-gene, this documentary features
  • Martin Sheen
  • M.C. Hammer (for real people! minus the famous Hammer-Pants)
  • Cindy Sheehan
  • Ron Kovic (author of Born on the Fourth of July)
  • and more importantly, in a blink or you'll miss her own little Rainbow Girl

For more info or to get on a waiting list for the DVD release, go here.


Monica said...

I Looooved that picture of Marshall with his little girl. Heartbreaking. Thank heavens he made it home!!

Joe and Amy said...

Good to know the Napier's could participate with some transportaion in this film. Am anxiuos to see how all of the hard work turned out. I'm sure successful.

You are beautiful-still!

Joe and Amy said...

and when I say transportaion...I mean transportaTion.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Amy, thank you so much for lending your motor home for the project. You were a lifesaver and I love you.

Jenny said...

I need to see this! I'm excited!

Kristen said...

I can't believe he was in Iraq for a year. It doesn't even seem real to me now. Luckily, after about 2 years, Eliza has finally let it go, too. Marshall and Eliza had a real tough time bonding after the deployment and I remember wanting to get counseling for them right before Peter was born, because she still wouldn't let Marshall be a real dad to her. But, sometime in the Spring, she just let her resentment go and we've been a functioning, normal family ever since (well, maybe not normal, but that probably has little to do with this experience). Hopefully, he'll never have to go again.
Thanks for blogging about this. Hey, you should do a shout out about the Textbooks for Africa Benefit Concert tomorrow night. Just a thought. I'm sure once you blog about it, we'll have millions of people attend.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Kristen, Thanks for throwing your bits on Eliza and Marshall after his deployment term. I could see Eliza's adjustment, and the fact that you were the only one she would allow to dress/help/diaper/whatever.

PS I'm so glad that through my vigilant blogging I sent hundreds of fans to the fundraiser. Oh well, we tried.