Monday, March 9, 2009

Lovely Monday: Clay and Salina

Since I've already lamented about my cheap-arse brother here, I thought I would now share the love. Here is his image for my kissing wall, pictured here with his wife of *almost* fifteen years. Here we go:

The perfect parting of the lips...

the taste of sweet sorrow upon our loss

how shall I make the 5 hour drive home?

In a bucket seat, with eyes on the road

instead of on my love, my Salina.

Okay, so I just made that up right? Amazing I know. Since this picture was just before they got in their car for their drive home, I thought it was appropriate. I actually wrote that channeling Clay, but for Salina. It's complicated. Somehow she (Salina) seems to embody all the romantic tendencies of the female gender: the bling, the smelling good, the getting all dolled up and making all the other aunties...I mean females, look like slobs who wear workout clothes but never go to the gym.

Plus, I'm quite sure that if Clay came home with a dozen roses, Salina would run up and squeal with delight, pure giggling delight! and not in a silly way. I just love going to a comedy on the big-screen with that girl, she laughs proud and loud.

You can see in her eyes she quick to humor, and she's generous enough to laugh at my brother: even when he's being a cheap-skate.

There's a sing-song quality to her laugh that I wish I could put on the blog. And if you get her in a movie that is good and funny, she belts a cross between a guffaw and a hardy-har-har and then ends it a triple note Ha-ha-HA! that trails upwards into space. I went to I-Spy with her and laughed more at her, laughing at the movie.

Clay and Salina. What makes their love unique? They started out playing college ball and sharing a bus on the away games. While they started strong and tough, they really just longed for a quieter life with the pitter-patter of little feet. After a few years of coupledom, their prayers for offspring were answered with the thundering of the uterus full of triplets. And while Clay had the business smarts to support his growing family in whatever he put his mind to: he also had (and has) the charisma to evolve himself in a changing world. He upped his college degrees with a plus-one (MBA) after the triplets and while working full-time, and put in the time (and moo-la) to allow his wife to be home laughing and loving on their adorable offspring. Salina maintained her sanity (and her figure) by keeping a great sense of humor and being one of my favorite motherhood blends: loving but no-nonsense. Fifteen years later, they've still got love to spare on their five adorable and squeaky clean kids.


Monica said...

Feel the love! We do love Clay and Sal, don't we? Great write-up, Amber! Jaden says "hi."

Lee Family said...

it's official, there's love.
that was sweet.
I too remember laughing my head off at I Spy - somehow Salina makes movies HILARIOUS.

Bridget said...

Ahh you are sweet. No way I could do what they do! and its cool to read little tidbits about all the cousins Jeff talks about but who we live so far away from!

Wade and Marilyn said...

Salina just read what you wrote and loved it. It even made her cry. You write so well. We love you.