Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Favorite: Insert Happiness through the Ear

Whether you're blogging to a personal soundtrack, or stepping away to fix dinner, you will be dually served with some de-stressing tunes. I have some music you must connect with your mac, PC, laptop, iPhone..whatever. In a matter of clicks, happiness can be oozing from your speakers to slime you with love.

Gen Xers old news: Pandora

Baby Boomers What is Pandora?: It's an online radio station that inputs a favorite song, band, or genre and pulls up artists with similar qualities. So if you once had friends that were in the know about the latest and greatest in the music scene, you can let them move on with their life and have Pandora take their place. Sortof (Kristi, I still miss you if you are reading this).

The link to Pandora is here

When there, enter in the following band name: Innocence Mission

You will then be served with a delightful array of tunes. It's been a smash with any girlfriend I've had to the house: "What mix is this? I love it!"


Wade and Marilyn said...

We heard a group the other night called Cerro Negro--reminds me of Innocence Mission.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Whoah. I'm sorry, who's talking? Did my mother just give me music advice? This coming from the people that would only listen to Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, or Willie Nelson on our eternal road trips to California.

I'm so intrigued, I shall check out your recommendation. Shanksh.

Lee Family said...

thanks for link. me likey.