Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Economy on and off the farm

So my folks are retired, and most of my friends parents are in retirement. For this generation of baby boomers, their lifetimes represent a major shift from rural areas, some having left the farm for college (both of my folks did) and make their way in a less dirty world to be coaches, teachers, shopowners, and the like. For people like my parents that grew up on the farm, they had to learn that:

life on the farm also left you thin and tan: ooh-la-la

  • Life on the farm teaches you to work, and save...but not invest
  • And by practicing these farm ethics, along with the wisdom of Wall Street, they would have a healthy nest egg in which to retire

  • I really have no idea if my folks lost their shirt with all this stock market crap, and frankly it's not really any of my business. But I do know that they had some in the market...

  • I bet they're a little annoyed right now

  • Are you retired? Are you annoyed?

  • I can't help notice that folks are "reverting" back to those sound farm principles of work and save. And throw cash under their mattress and save.

  • Which makes me wonder: What will hard-working middle classers will consider as the next "Wall Street" for the future generations, the greatest, smartest, biggest returnest way to prepare for their yellow brick road?

In essence, AIG, and all their buddies......suck.

I wish my chickens could peck their...big toes until they bleed really bad (that was me practicing internet restraint).

And while X-Network and Y-Network cover their stories blaming X-Party or Y-Administration or What-Ever I have to public endorse a couple of networks and/or broadcasts simply because they're removed enough to back away from partisan dirt-slinging. They're more free to call it as it is.

First endorsement coming from your up-to-the-latest news expert who primarily changes poopie diapers (that's me) is BBC News. I like them because they seem to be removed enough to not play into party politics, and I appreciate that!

Okay next, I loved the following broadcast from Jon Stewart of Comedy Central. I am throwing FOUR links which seemed to stem from his own frustration at how his mother's nest egg was thrown to the crows with corrupt corporations, banks, and insurance thriving on your (and my) dime.

**WARNING** these are laden with cowboy swear words. And my LAST link actually drops a couple F-bombs. Fabulous story and interview evolves with these (long) clips, so if you have littles around throw on some headphones. p.s. I am a proud endorser and watcher of clean entertainment. Watch up to 3 and then decide if it's worth it if you are a sensitive viewer.

First link where Stewart mocks CNBC presenting themselves as "in-the-know" for all things financial is here.

The eventual interview with Cramer from Fast Money is here (part one interview), here (part 2 interview), and here (part 3 interview with some extra spicy language).

....and speaking of life on the farm, Good News! Our new Prez just passed a law making it illegal to allow "downer cows" (aka cows too sick or dying to even stand) to make into our food chain. You can reminisce when Mrs. Olsen brought home industrial devil chickens home here. While there, please watch an informative video about animals intended for our plates, and how their life is sad :(


LGH said...

WOW, the farm girl gets political! You go, Amber! I am angry, disgusted, enraged, but no one expresses it as well as you do!

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Bridget said...

bbc is definitely calling American politics like they see it. its hard to get an unbiased report of just who screwed us, how much and why they are going to keep doing it.