Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Hair Flashback

I was 13 years old during eighth grade, just two years into my bra stage, never been kissed and bright-eyed for the future. That's when me and Paula became buds. I had long chemically treated hair, and I would wake up early every school day to do something different. Crimp! Hot Roller Curl. Straighten. Braid. As the years went by, I eventually cut out the annoying primping routine in honor of the Grunge Movement, Plaid Lumberjack Shirts, and good old-fashioned sleeping in. And Paula saw me through my big hair days to my grungy plaid and boots phase as well. She had her own hair phases similar to mine. This is us somewhere in the middle:

I'm sorry no, we never dated. Girls can bite each other's cheeks and still love boys okay?

So it's been a good 10 + years (and 30 + pounds) since I've seen Paula. I was excited and nervous, evident by the fact that I reenacted my 8th grade habits by actually spending forty minutes doing my hair and make-up before she came.

I was finally able to meet Paula's husband and son. Since they drove all the way to my house, we fixed them our favorite food which you must fix this week for somebody you love if you truly love them with more than just words.

One thing I never knew back in "the day" was that Paula had her own chickens when she was a little girl. So we sent her off with Rainbow Girl to collect the eggs...for old time's sake.

In conclusion, women need women. It gives them focus for the future when someone knows (and can laugh about) their past. Thanks for coming to play Paula.


Wade and Marilyn said...

Loved your recent entry--as always.

jennaloha said...

You got a bra at 11? LUCKY!

paula said...

When did you take these pictures of us? You are so funny girl. Thanks for the blog post especially for mua....I feel so special! I had a great time.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Paula...from that little camcorder I got the pics. I heard I could pull out frames, so gave it a try. BTW, Rainbow Girl found my point and shoot in the garden! It fell out of my pocket before our massive snowstorm..so it was in dirt and snow...and it still works. Thanks again for coming to play.

Anyhoo, Jenna yes. Eat your heart out. I had my first training bra in the 6th grade.

Lee Family said...

I didn't know you had a bra in 6th grade. I think I remember Junior high when the boys would feel your back and see if you had a bra on and that's when Skipper (the boobless barbie doll) nickname started for me. Well, just from one boy - that Rieker Blakeley. I loved seeing pictures of Paula laughing. she so funny. I'm glad you found your camera!! I can't believe it endured the elements and still works.
okay bye.

jennaloha said...

I got a bra in 7th grade only because I needed one-

"needed one" so I wasn't the only one in the locker room without one.