Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Week of Love: Wednesday

Blah. I'm needing some kissing pictures to fill me with happiness because today has been an off day.

Missed my first ever invitation for an all-female all-fun book club (call me next time!)and have a toddler who can't seem to pass this little infant guy without knocking him down on purpose, then smothering him with kisses. Cute and annoying all at the same time. Let's make out and fuh-get about it shall we?

Wednesday Kiss

So get this. Pictured left is yet another sister of The Mister of the House (they're everywhere) and she's smacking on her happy red-headed husband. Holly and Adam came skiing into a yurt in the backwoods of Idaho with us, the trip where Mrs. Olsen humbly succumbed to the reality that she sucks and is out of shape. I took this picture with one hand on the camera and the other sucking my thumb. On the ground. In the fetal.

Why do I love this picture? Because of these reasons:

  • Christmas 2004. Stop and think about Christmas you remember the insane natural disaster that happened?

I'm still waiting.

Okay, so that was the year of "the" tsunami that pummelled Thailand, Indonesia, and Sumatra killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Soooo. Holly and Adam: They're in Thailand. Working the globe. Hoping for offspring. Surprised that it works. Expecting in summer. Missing the family. Came home for Christmas. Surprise!Surprise! Canceled their plans to stay at the beach. In Phuket. Where 100 foot waves hit on December two-six. The Olsens all say: That baby is a miracle in more ways than one.

That picture was during that time. A kiss is quite appropriate don't you think?

Here's another kiss, 4 years and 2 kids later...

What makes their love unique? Well, these guys are the only married couple I've had as roommates since becoming Mrs. Olsen and I'll tell you what. I don't think they have ever been in a fight. It kindof ticks me off. They're even smiling in this picture with their lips pressed up against each other. Would you get over yourselves already? If anything, they are the couple that embodies peace. When they come together, you can feel them enjoying a tall glass of water. In each other.


Lundstrom Activity Days said...

Wow! What an awesome and flattering post! Sheesh! I LOVE you Amber. Thanks for thinking we were cool enough to write a blog about. You are amazing.