Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Simpler Gift-Ideas for Toddlers and Elementary Schoolers

My week of nursing coughs and headaches nearly cost me a great window of opportunity for gifts for kids that are still in the pretend-stage of play. For some kids, it can go on for a while. Rainbow Girl is seven years old and still has a crazy fun imagination. I'm talking the Halloween Clearance Racks. Act now folks, and you could find deals liiiiiiiiiiiiike........THIS!

Huh, you talking to me mom?

Work with me here Vanilla Wafer. Come on! We're pretending to be Christmas Gift Consultants. Focus!

Act now to behold your own little power of Grayskull in action...liiiiiiiike THIS!

K-Mart had this at 90% off and so I spent a mere $1.50. We got 2 of them and so we can sport a duel (Sara, if you're reading this bring Gabe over and we'll beat the crap out of him. It'll be fun!). A lot of the stores are completely cleaned out. Target usually has a lot, but I'm not blessed with that box in my woods. Places like Hastings Video and Book still have some costumes that are 50% off. It's just a matter of time before we can sweep in like vultures and get them when they're 75% or 90% off.

Since Rainbow Girl's dress-ups are overflowing, this is Vanilla Wafer's year to get the goods to be all the things The Mister of the House aspires him to be: a violent sword-wielding growling fighting knight, superhero, or villain. As long as Vanilla Wafer is tough, his dad is pleased.

Mrs. Olsen has got some extra sugar to spread to combat this testosterone. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Lundstrom Activity Days said...

Such a SWEET idea! DOH! I wish I had known earlier...maybe I should be better at checking your blog :)
I'll try this next year!

Lundstrom Activity Days said...

Interesting...I didn't know I came up as Lundstrom Activity Days...weird.

Wade and Marilyn said...

Don't we love bargains? Last year I bought 12 costumes for the grandkids and spent less than $20.

Anonymous said...

Great fun !! You make me smile and Leif warms my heart. I love the twists and turns of your writing style and look forward to each post. Thanks for being you! Much love N.J., the other Mrs. O.