Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Year Later...

Last November I gave birth to the giant of the newborn nursery. My earliest baby (by 2 weeks) and my biggest at 9 lb 4oz. Does anyone feel sorry for me?

Would you look at those cheeks? You can't even tell he's got big gorgeous eyes yet because his face is drowning in fat.

I can't believe it's been a whole year. I'm still running around blaming my tiredness, lack of ambition, fatness, and moodiness to the fact that I "just had a baby". Guess I'll have to come up with something else now.

Here's some of Buddha Baby's faces. When you have a language barrier, then the face and the cry are all you've got to figure out what my midget is trying to say. Is midget a bad word nowadays?

Interested and in wonder. This face will last until he hears his mother's voice, or for 20 seconds, whichever is shorter.

Rico Suave says "I love boobs" I'm sorry Grandpa if you are reading this. It's true, the boy loves boobs. It's a food thing.

Mildly entertained face will last until he sees his mother leave the room to go to the bathroom, and then he freaks out. He's my midget-stalker.

Mrs. Olsen's favorite face is this one. It's a combination of the nose scrunch, the lip curl, and the spaced out teeth. This is Buddha Baby excited and happy. He is saying "That's funny! Me likey!"

In Grand Olsen Tradition, we gave Buddha Baby his very own birthday cake for his number one. The Mister of the House still hasn't forgiven me for giving Rainbow Girl a sugar-free applesauce cake for her numero uno, and so required this cake to be full of sugar, carbs, and fat. Oh, and lots of gooey gooey frosting made with sugar, carbs, and fat.

Sorry about the picture quality. Here is in on his blanket, alone, and wondering why a crowd of adults are all staring at him and singing Happy Birthday.

Enter cake and his little hand quickly reaches out to investigate. The overwhelmed tears began about 2 seconds later. He did NOT like this gooey stuff on his hands, and wanted nothing to do with the cake.

Five minutes later: we tried to coax him to love the cake by breaking off pieces and feeding to him. Then we put him in a high chair to see if that would help him reach our lofty parenting goal: to be addicted to sugar, carbs, and fat at a very young age so he can be part of the great American pasttime called obesity.

Thank you family for celebrating with us. Happy Birthday Buddha Baby, we love you and all your little quirks.


Anonymous said...

That "suave" face is awesome. Just awesome.

Tami said...

Wow - can't believe he is one already! What a cutie and those cheeks are so cute...just makes you want to kiss them. And yes I can feel sorry for you about having a big baby. I have big babies too - we'll see how big this one is going to be!

Monica said...

Love the pics of Isaac. He is truly a beautiful boy. Happy birthday!

Lee Family said...

I am laughing in mom's office. She gave me computer time tonight! wahoo. He is sooo cute. I'm glad you finally got around to a b-day for him since for Rainbow girl I'm sure had a week long celebration alpong with her own paparazzi. I'm sick of those first child's spoilage. But Rainbow Chic would be a hard one not to spoil. Man, if you could get just one more girl that would put some crisco icing on that cake - yeah!! is that a plan? r u coming to Boston for Christmas?? just say yes. just say it.

Jenny said...

He's so cute. You guys make beautiful children!