Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Africans Learn in English

I always wanted my kids to be bilingual. I figured I'd do my time as a missionary for my church, become fluent in another exotic language, and then talk double-speak to all my offspring. Funny that I was called to serve in Florida, where they speak a weird English dialect using phrases like: pitching a fit, bowling peanuts (can you guess what that is?), and hi y'all, bye y'all, love y'all.

Now that I have a kid in the U.S. Education System, I was crossing my fingers they'd be pumping those spongey brains of theirs with foreign language, since I wasn't blessed with the gift of tongues on the mish. No can do. Crazy thing is, those Olsen Aunties I'm related to by marriage, have taught or tutored English in these places: China, Korea, Thailand, and Israel.

Guess what? Just about every place on the planet knows at least 2 languages, and usually English is one of them.

Which makes this current situation a good thing: a Cache Valley non-profit Sparrow Alliance came across boxes and boxes....and boxes of text books.

These books are still in good condition, and are being rescued from the landfill. Go Sparrows!

PLUS...they're getting a ride to Ghana Africa for kids in the education system (with the help from donors like you!). They will begin incorporating them into their future curriculum even before the books arrive.

So if you live in the Cache Valley Area, and would like to be thoroughly entertained by the fiddle-crazy Leapin Lulu then please join Sparrow on Main Street in Logan on Thursday, November 20th (and please forward to all your Cache Valley buddies). Please note that suggested donations have adjusted to $8/person or $15/couple.

If you don't live in Cache Valley, but have a willing heart to donate for this cause, click here