Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Farm Camp

This poor old blog. I actually really miss it. I'm not sure where to start so I'm just going to upload some pictures and go from there and try to do a little catch up. 

Okay, so here was one of our many summer highlights.  This was our second annual "Farm Camp".  We had cousins visiting from Connecticut, some from Salt Lake, and second cousins from down the street.  We started by taking our duck Kiko on a walk around the block, dressed up in the Independence Day Get-Up from Gwendolyn (may she rest in peace).  I had this little guy trained up to follow me really well, then he went out back and got hormones and started annoying the female ducks. 

We then proceeded to get individual photos with the duck.   Notice how his lengthy Indian Runner Neck is swayed to the ground (get me out of here?) so it looks like sweet little mutts holding a dead duck.

Not Pictured:  Homemade Cheese by The Mister of the House, Psychedelic Fruit Leather, Front Porch Fairy Garden, Under-Rabbit Worm Farm, Homemade Rabbit treats, and stuff and stuff.


Janet O. said...

Farm camp, what a great idea! Love seeing the kids holding the duck. The look on Ruby's face is priceless!
Thanks for including the second cousins from up the road. It was unexpected, and delightful, to see my grands here! :)

Aimee said...

Yes, thanks for including my kids Amber. They loved it! Your pictures are fabulous! I especially love the first one with all the kids. Way to go super Mom!

LGH said...

Great, fun pictures. What a childhood your children are having; such great memories, hard work, meaningful service. Ah, you know how to do it right, Amber!

Rebecca Miller said...

yeah, your back. I love reading your blog. I would really love to know more about your cheese, fruit leather and worm farm. If you ever have the time :)

Aunt Kristen said...

The kids had so much fun, and these pictures are fabulous.

Eliza just looked through these and wanted to comment, as well: "We had boy a good time. Your pictures are so very special. Your duck is funny. Peter says that too. Thanks for a wonderful farm camp!"

I agree. :)