Monday, June 18, 2012

My Own Private Idaho

On the very northern shore of the big Bear Lake, lies a beach with the swoosh and whir of the ocean tide. The lake is sooo big, the background mountains so perfectly blended into blue sky, the rolling waves so consistent, I told myself "welcome back to the Pacific".

The Mister and I both love the coast. Not in the bikini way mind you. Oregon Coast = perfection (you get my drift: rocks, crashing, calling, exploring).

So since I was fooled, it seemed the perfect test for baby. Does he take after ma n pa?

After watching from afar, I decided I needed to keep the kid from washing away. So I threw off my sneakers, and rushed to the edge with my Tina Fey feet covered in socks.

My life has hit a new low. In my efforts to salvage my pride, I have none. But at least all the Olsen family didn't have to gag, I didn't have to have itchy dry feet, and the baby got to respond to the primal call for ocean.


Wade and Marilyn said...

Take those socks off! Your feet are beautiful!

Aimee said...

You are too funny Amber! I love it :)