Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Glimpse

How can school shoot a hole through summer's official tide while still being in the 90's outside? I'm still thinking of garden ideas, feeling like I just had a baby and it's still spring. Does this time-space formula get worse with each passing year? So, in order to maintain the chaos of information I am needing to record for my own sake and that of my family, I'll just pull up some snippets of our fleeting (now gone) summer. I'd say it has been a good one!

Here's my pasty-white children at Easter time getting ready for festivities at Grandma Cozy's. I was then homebound hiding from the world with a newborn, but as you will see in the next picture, the mutts did actually go out in the sun--and kid #1 and kid #3 turned delicious chocolate. Yum!

See! Chocolate.

More Chocolate. And wifebeater. With stains. And a buzz. The Mister cut his curls, which was tragedy #5 this summer.

Here with our two adorable Vanillas with their Chocolate Siblings. We finally blessed that baby boy when he was a ripe and chubby four months old!

Give it to me ladies. Aaaaawwwwwwwww....{sigh}.

Okay wait. This was end of summer. Let's go back. Remember pasty-white but still turning green Easter pic at the top? This was Memorial Day this year (AFTER Easter)!

Can you blame me for STILL thinking of garden ideas? The garden had a late start this year, what with all that rain, snow, and tragedy #1 and all.


Here's a peek at the annual work party in the backyard (June I think?). I was still hiding a little, but you can see our garden boxes from last year, as well as a big DEAD rectangle where we tore up some more grass for MORE garden. I kept telling The Mister when he was having garden dreams last winter: "Ummm, you know I'm going to have a newborn right?".

But then we went to intensive care without insurance (more on that later) and decided: "Let's just try to grow more food and save some money."

I did manage to can some apricot jam. Gorgeous right?

Here's some old friends. As it would happen, we all had babies within about a month apart. We had some good lunch dates where a million kids were running around. I love these ladies!

We checked on the bees early in the spring. The honey was clear and sweet.

We pulled out this section of free-floating hive. Look closely and you can see the detailed architectural perfection. Each comb is staggered on the opposite side, so that it doesn't collapse as easy. Seriously amazing.

Oh, and one of our hives went AWOL and flew away. Lame!

I tried to be better about weeding this year, but my garden got most of my attention. At least the daughter and the neighbor girls harvested a beautiful flower pizza before all weeds went loose.

See the inner tubes. What with this wet spring, Mellow Wood Pond has been enjoying a full season to the point of neighbor kids coming to float around in the backyard. I have no problems as long as NOBODY DRINKS THE WATER.

Bake sales and cleaning the office with me this summer means Rainbow Girl earned $54 this summer. I, on the other hand, ate inventory and am getting fat{ter}.

yay :(


Legos! We are going nuts over them throughout this whole house.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday the water comes on and there's a good chance that Isaac will be found with his little buddy "No-one" = Owen.

And lastly, two years in a row the renowned local opera company has had a show featuring this guy. It's so cliche of what some seriously out of touch theatre man thinks will swoon the ladies right? I can hear every gay man's heart breaking a mile away when I see it. Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Your jam IS gorgeous. Your bees (you have bees, TOO? I wish I were you) are amazing. And your kids are delicious.

Oh, and the opera guy . . . well, yeah. I'm still laughing.

Holly said...

so nostalgic! I love this post. I love your kids. I love your view. I love you!!!

Carole Kelly said...

Your photos bring back the days of very young kids and a very (dare I say it?) sweet and simple life. You articulate it so well with your captions. Love the "chocolate" kids! Our Matt was the lesson in racial tolerance in our family. "He's just the same as everyone else, but with darker skin," I would say. Steven, at age 6, told a younger sibling, innocently, that Matt would have had to sit in the back of the bus a few decades previous.

Carole Kelly said...

Your photos and articulate commentary remind me of the sweet and simple days of lots of young children at home. And I love the "chocolate kids". Matt (second child and very olive skinned) was our lesson in racial tolerance. "He's just the same as the rest of you, but his skin is darker," I would tell them. Steven, at age six, innocently explained to a younger sibling that a few decades back, Matt would have had to sit in the back of the bus. Glad you're recording all these moments with your sweet little ones. They pass too quickly!

Ms. Fish said...

that picture of the apricot jam against the blue sky is SOOO beautiful, it made it onto my pinterest photography page!

Great post with awesome pictures. You are killing me with your picturesque back yard. I'm trying super hard not to covet :)

Lee Family said...

It looks like a MEMORABLE summer. So, what are the 5 tragedies? My nieces and nephews are so dang CUTE! I love the family pic and I like your hair, btw.