Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hair's The Thing

Back in August, I got some birthday moo-la to get my hair done. For a slob like me, going to a salon and actually spending money on my hair is an annual pilgrimage. Not surprisingly, I didn't actually make the appointment and get it done until December. I decided to visit a specific hairdresser, get a "wash-n-go" hairstyle that will fit with my needs, and decided to fork over the big bucks for a cut, layer, texturize, AND a perm. This is a big deal folks. I went with the hairdresser that successfully gave me a wash-n-go hairstyle 18 month prior, and told her to "do the same thing".

Why in the world is this even blog-worthy? It's just that it seems that hairstylists speak a totally different language, or fix your hair like they like it, or assume you have no fashion sense so they just go to town. I don't know that my annual hair appointment was any of those things, but I specifically brought in a picture of my hair "last time" taken 2 days after my last hair appointment.

With my lovely sissies in 2009. Photo credit Heather Nan Photography

"Just do the same thing"

"I want a perm that will grow out a little and not look weird."

"My hair feels like it's thinning on the top a little, is that normal?"

"But basically repeat this hair"...

So after hearing my concerns of going bald (according to me) she suggested she layer it a little bit different so it stays fuller on the top.


And do you care if it's a little bit shorter than this picture?

"Okay, whatever" and my brain says a little bit shorter means 1 or 2 inches, okay no big deal.

And then *snip* *snip*.

I donated 14 inches to Locks of Love. Very cool. So I can't be freaking out when I look at the new length (pre-perm) and think She probably wasn't very good at math. I really don't think that when this hair has curl, it will be a little bit shorter than before....I think it will be a lot bit shorter than before.

And so I got a perm and it smelled like 1985 and we came out with this:

Mandy came all the way from Ireland back home for the holidays. Aaaahhhh...

Totally different right?

A LOT shorter right?

I think I like it though. It helps me stay away from my auto-pilot Sacajawea braids and it's great for a new baby. But I think I have been trying not to like it because my hairdresser didn't do what I paid her good money for.

So that's the end of my hair vanity post but I have to know, hairdressers do this right? They do their own thing and are horrible scientists if they have to recreate the same experiment ya?

Loving my new hair and not sure if it really matters but curious about your own hair-gone-awry stories


paula said...

I love it. It looks great on you. I always feel more "edgy" and stylish with short hair and more feminine and pretty with long hair. In the past I've usually gone for the "edgy" look but the older I get the more I prefer to feel feminine.

After I had EJ I was feeling fat and frumpy so I opted for the edgy look. I went to my hairdresser who happened to be one of my good friends at the time and she totally screwed up my hair. It looked like a damn mullet. It was seriously the worst haircut I ever got. So-not only did I feel fat and frumpy...I also had totally bad hair. I went to someone else two days later and had to get it cut even shorter. I figured what the heck and colored it darker than I'd ever had it at the same time. I ended up loving it but I learned a valuable lesson: Don't change your hair too drastically when you already feel fugly. Needless to say, I'll be keeping my longer locks this time around until the baby is at least a year old.

How's that for a novel?

BTW-I'm no longer friends with the bad hairdresser....the bad haircut was the beginning of the demise of our friendship-I'm pretty sure she did it on purpose-and I'm totally not kidding.

Wade and Marilyn said...

Love your hair at any length.

Lee Family said...

I like your hair first of all - a lot. And don't act like you forked over good money for a hairstyle that you didn't ask for because spending money on your hair ONCE a year is not worthy of complaining about.

Hairstylists totally do that. I've had so many bad experiences, it's not worth going into. Okay twist my arm, well one was in Twin Falls, ID - we were there for Jared's pharm-repping days and I decided to get a haircut? weird? and she cut and curled it like I was in Junior Miss's Up, Up and Away in 1989. I grabbed a cup of water and doused my hair the second I got out of the salon. It was so weird. The weird part was that she had cute hair, why would she think I wouldn't want cute hair like her?

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing about Jr. Miss's Up, Up, and Away.


But I've had many bad haircuts in my day. Luckily I don't mind it short. However, I've found that once you find a stylist you like and that listens to you, they are worth their weight in gold. That's right. GOLD, baby!

I'm hoping to donate to Locks of Love by summertime, but there's no way I've got 14 inches. Hoping to squeak out 8 or 10.

But I digress.

Your hair is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I've got a nightmare hair story, but it's mostly about genetics, so I won't trouble you with the details.

--Jeff Archibald