Thursday, December 2, 2010

Looks Like Heaven?

The evening of Thanksgiving, just after dinner, turkey nap, and a movie night with the whole husband left on a 12 day trip to Asia. This with school and schedules just around the corner, and bitter below-zero temperatures, winter storm warnings and a little farm...and me. Alone. In charge.

Gone is my morning person, who wakes up and gets Rainbow Girl to practice the piano before school, who takes fresh water to the chickens and goats, and fills the chicken feeder, refreshes the hay, shovels the walk, and is off to work by 7:30 am.

I told myself to not get to the end of the rope before the end of the day, because no back-up was coming! My thoughts went to my sister-in-law Kristen, who sent her husband to Iraq just as they were starting their little family.

I think I would not make the best army wife.

Lugging the 4-gallon jug of water every morning and in my head I feel picked on. Boo hoo! I love the farm thing we've got going on, but this thing would not be happening if I was flying solo.

I think of my friend who just filed papers for a divorce after waiting for a year for him to stop dating another woman (he didn't. jerk.). I think of my neighbor who just lost her husband while her youngest is still in high school. Like me, we have all been left to shovel the 2 stupid-freaking-feet of snow that fell on our sidewalks and driveways last week by ourselves.

I think of them and wonder how I could manage this as a permanent fix.

I can't.

So for now, with technology and a thriving heart, I haul the water in the mornings, shovel the snow, help with homework, get babysitters for errands...and instead of sending a prayer or a curse: "did you notice all the extra work you left for me when you decided to take off?"...I send an email. Or a skype.

Mrs. O: How's the 80 degrees punk! The stupid snowblower isn't working!

Mister: Did you put gas from the yellow gas can?

Mrs. O: *Huff*

Mister: I miss you.


Mrs. O: Can't talk. I just got pooped on my head in the chicken coop! Disgusting!

Mister: Sorry! Love and miss you.


Mister: Hey Rainbow Girl, I tried some Pringles that were shrimp flavor and they were pink!

Rainbow Girl: Ewwww...sick!


Mrs. O: We're about to kneel down for family prayer, want to kneel down with us?

Mister: Okay

Mrs. O: (later): In the prayer Rainbow Girl said "Thank you that we could have some sort of contact with dad"

Mister: Some sort, that is cute.

Mrs. O: I know, right?

So for now Thailand and Hong Kong, you left me wanting but secured me some much needed sympathy, some well-wishes, and even i-miss-you's and i-love-you's. You smell like heaven, I think. Please send back The Mister of the House with exotic cheap goods and a newfound appreciation for my awesomeness (or just some sympathy would be nice).



Cold and Lonely

p.s. The real heaven appears to notice my predicament because some neighbors have come and cleared my driveway...twice! That's always good to tame a wife's wrath. Thank you real heaven.


Wade and Marilyn said...

If Dad were there, he would keep your driveway cleared. He plows out about 10 people a day with his blade that's attached to the four-wheeler. I wish we lived closer so we could help you. Sending love your way.

Lee Family said...

waaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaa.
Just kidding, sissy.
Mister O is awesome by the way.

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

You forgot to also mention you are pregnant. That makes you in another superwoman class altogether.

I'm so glad I don't have to deal with snow . . . and chickens.

Hang in there, kiddo!