Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last of the Travel Greens

Good eye Jenna. I did not in fact prove my greens for my Derry Day, but I definitely did eat, and it definitely was amazing. Thanks for noticing, now here's my proof.

I'm funny right? When we got back to Belfast, we followed the "locals recommendation" for fish and chips and this was the honking plate that was placed before me. They didn't ask if I wanted ketchup. They didn't ask if I wanted tartar sauce. There was only 2 condiments on the table: vinegar and salt. I wanted to be an authentic Irish Lass, so I didn't ask for anything else.

We compared the breading on the fish to a flaky but slightly sweet donut breading. And because I'm a fan of salt and vinegar chips, it all worked out quite deliciously.

Later that night we ate at a restaurant called The Barking Dog. It was there I really did eat my salad for the day. It was wonderfully named a "Rocket Salad" and was simple and delicious. Three ingredients: Greens, Parmesan shavings, Balsamic Vinegar.

But seriously, could any salad undo those fish and chips I had earlier in the day? I don't think so.

Fish and chips regrets? Definitely NOT.


Wade and Marilyn said...

Yum! Now that's a good salad!

jennaloha said...

You are Eat, Pray, Love Salad. You just are.

Thanks for shouting me out. You should mention me more often in your blog :)