Thursday, September 23, 2010

London in a Day

Wednesday, September 15th marked our only full day in London. Could we tackle it all in one day? Would we feel like we had a handle on the sights, the history, or even the food? So in order to digest it all, we paid for an open-bus-tour. There were several routes throughout the city that we could hop on or off with our ticket, so it was a good way to digest the city in a day.

There's was so much I had heard of London, but without any true frame of reference. Things like Picadilly Circus, The Tower of London, and Big Ben. So I decided to sort it all out on the bus. You'll have to forgive my obvious ignorance. Here's what I learned in a glance.

Some dude built this for Queen Victoria's Castle. She did not like it. She purposely had a carriage built too wide to pass through, so it stands near some park instead. Sheesh!

like I had previously surmised.

Just after we digested the sights, we decided where we wanted to visit. Too bad the city and the busses stop running around 5:30. Hello? So like everything else, St. Paul's just got our drive-by and it's famous whispering hall will have to wait until I return to London as a senior citizen. Same goes for Shakespeare's Globe, Tower of London, and everything else. Boo!

The Rosetta Stone! When we found it in our 30 minutes inside The British Museum, The Mister of the House exclaimed This made our entire trip to London worth it!

I thought The Rosetta Stone was cool too, but the real thing that topped off the day like a maraschino cherry was a little play we got to see together- with real singers and real dancers and real chocolate covered raisins.


Wendy said...

Thanks for the photo tour! (That is a large horse-head-kissing-the-ground-statue.)

LGH said...

You make everything sound fun. So, did you ever miss a day of salad on your grand tour?

Wade and Marilyn said...

So glad you got to see Wicked.

Mrs. Olsen said...

LGH- I did NOT miss a day of salad. Although, I mentioned before that it was tough to get just a big salad at restaurants in the UK. Usually it was a side item. But fresh greens are fresh greens all the same.

Lee Family said...

Oh, Amber, I wish you could have had ten more days to explore London. When Sherry's mission comp from London came and did the duck tour, she was not impressed with the frequent stops of all the churches, interesting architectural buildings, cathedrals, etc . . . you know - they're all copycats (but not as grand) as England.
I wish oh wish upon a star or upon the time 11:11 or in my prayers that some day the sissies can go to Europe together. amen.

trieste said...

I love the pics. I hope you had a good trip. I think Europe would be a lot more fun with a husband than with a bunch of winney 20 year old somethings (that is what I did).

Angenette said...

Sad you didn't get to see the Tower. But glad you got to see Wicked! I'm still waiting.