Thursday, August 19, 2010

9 hours 49 minutes

What do you do when your husband's sister has red hair, lives in Ireland, and has a spare bedroom?

Which is just what we did. After months of stalking, Orbitz finally delivered a good price on our tickets. We leave in less than a month!

What do you do when your brother-in-law is an up and coming Hollywood writer on an HBO series (currently filming in Ireland)?

You decide to peruse the book series penned by George R.R. Martin as a show of support, only to discover a story so mysterious, epic, intriguing, and fascinating that your house goes to the pits while you swallow an 800-page novel. Four times.

The Mister of the House and I are soooo excited to get a peek at the The Game of Thrones series, coming out in 2011. For real, I'm nervous.*

What do you do when the American Dollar is worth 64 cents to the British Pound?

You jump at the chance to do data entry for a deliciously busy marketing company. Which is why the quaint idea of "working from home" meant that for all my kids knew, I had just started another Martin Novel. Yesterday they got ignored for 9 hours and 49 minutes.

What happens when you sit on a hard wood chair for an entire day trying to earn vacation money?

You throw your back out opening the windows in the morning. Sometimes it sucks being a granny in your thirties.

What do you do when you've been eating a raw salad every day in August....okay and then when you stop by the office to pick up some papers, you drop into the public restroom, and go into a stall and lock the door.....and sitting there on top of the toilet paper holder is a perfectly sealed and wrapped chocolate are locked inside with a truffle...a commercially sealed truffle, but it's a public restroom ya know....What do you do?

So I will answer this question later in the comments, but I am dying to know what you would have done!

*p.s. I'm not recommending this book to folks that are unmarried, or to my mother. The intrigue is well handled by adults, we'll just say that. If you are judging me right now by that comment, please open the Old Testament and read about Lot's daughters.


Angenette said...

truffle in the toilet room? gross, costanza. Leave it alone.

Heather said...

I'd have eaten it.

Bridget said...

Yup I agree its gross. Perhaps I would have eaten it anyway. Also so excited you booked your tickets! I cannot wait to hear about your adventures Amber. Had so much fun with you this summer and sad I had to go back to real life but I look forward to many more adventures together. Its tradition now. :-)

paula said...

I'm jealous but so happy you get to go on an amazing vacation. As far as the truffle goes....I think you unwrapped it and left it in the toilet for the next patron.

P.S. Will you e-mail me the info of the company you work for from home?

Lee Family said...

I'm with the first comment, leave it alone, Costanza. Seriously 9 hrs and 49 minutes? How did your kids survive? My kids were jealous of the rainbow vac. Are my kids too dependent?
AND, Ireland, totally awesome! I'm so happy you get to go. What a great opportunity.
And please tell me you didn't eat the truffle.

LGH said...

Amber....I'm so very excited you get to go on this fantastic trip! What an amazing opportunity for you and Wade...awesome, awesome, awesome. (I would have left the truffle and gone to buy one at the store around the NOT eat stuff in public restrooms...think of Rainbow Girl...would you have wanted her to eat it? NO WAY!)

Allen Family said...

I love Amber! Nuff said!

Wade and Marilyn said...

I wonder why you lumped me with the unmarrieds? I'm so glad you get to go to Ireland, and I look forward to the babysitting stint! I know you ate the truffle!

Holly said...

the fact that you had been eating salads before the truffle complicates things - it weakens you to a temptation like that because you feel you deserve the reward. I may have eaten it under the circumstances, but would be grossed out at the same time! I love you and am so excited for you Irish adventure!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Wow. The Costanza comment hurts just a little bit. Did I ask to get locked in a small area with a truffle? I'm the one getting assaulted here.

At least I didn't eat it while doin' my bid-ness. My mother taught me well about germs. I washed the wrapper with soapy warm water, then rinsed it with cold so as to set any minor melting that could have occurred, and popped that sucker in my mouth.

It was a sweet toilet treat. Delicious!

jennaloha said...

I think I will read this book. I devour books as readily as forsaken chocolates and I'm looking for something good. I need a new excuse for ignoring my own children.

Ireland sounds fantastic. I've heard it's relatively cheap, travel-wise. I had friends debating whether or not to go there or take a cruise. They chose the cruise but I'm confident they chose wrong.

I can't wait to read about your adventures.

Sophia said...

Well that's just plain silly. By the time you had given it a bath, you weren't locked in with a truffle-- you had a choice!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Yes, I had a choice. I was weak. But considering it was a germ-barrier foil wrapper...I'm confident I chose wisely ;)