Friday, April 2, 2010

New Farm Addition

We are slowly increasing our self-sufficiency on our little hobby farm. After watching Food Inc. recently, we decided we would try our best to wean ourselves from the "Industrial Meat Complex". We're not vegetarians mind you, but we're not barbarians either.

These pigs were just purchased so Rainbow Girl could start her 4-H experience, and so friends and family could have some fresh and healthy pork in their freezers this fall.

Paula, you made a comment on how difficult it is to buy healthier foods. From our studies (mostly with neighbors) the end-cost of feeding, butchering, and packaging is around $1.80 per pound. Not bad? With the amount of folks we are splitting it with, we'll probably end up with 20-30 pounds. Enough for a sweet pork salad dinner this autumn.

Did I just say that out loud? Sorry pigs! We do love you!

Here's a trailer for the movie Food, Inc. I highly recommend watching it!


LGH said...

Now, don't get too attached to those darling little piglets...they may not be ham and bacon after all.

Lee Family said...

I agree, Babe-lover.

Angenette said...

Who does the butchering?

Mrs. Olsen said...

I'll be honest...I wanted to name them Penelope and Babe. I was outvoted however.

Angenette, I'm not sure who we will use for butchering. I have a lot of neighbors that are more familiar with the process and so will let you know when I figure it all out :)