Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy Day Happiness

With our annual cemetery rounds during Memorial Day, we seem to be batting 50% on rainy days vs. sunny days.  Rain=happines because it's not too hot and the colors are more vibrant.   So last year was a rainy year, and here's a picture of my offspring braving the weather.

Loving Vanilla Wafer's face.  He obviously doesn't love the rain like his mom.

With my recent "under the weather" days from being sick, I decided to tackle a little art project I've been meaning to try for some time.  I had so much fun, and all I needed was:
  •  a photograph (taken about 5 minutes after the one above)
  • cardstock
  • scissors
  • fine-line sharpie
  • colored pencils
I'm calling it Exceptional Art.  For a fifth grader.  Or Exceptional 5th Grade Art.  Check it:

If I had to do it again, I would have avoided the vomit of colors and patterns in the name of rainbow mud, and just kept it nice and green.   Of course, learning curves are to be expected.

Summer project for your offspring? for you? yes?  

p.s. school is officially out for the summer...what on earth are we gonna do?


Candice said...

That is an umbrella and a half.

I am so impressed with your art skills. I have never taken an art class and feel very insecure with my skills. I thought at first that your rendering was done digitally. What a cool thing that people still sit down with colored pencils and create.

Anonymous said...

I love it. (It rains 9 months of the year in Seattle. However, we don't get out of school for three-freaking-more-weeks. Not cool.)

LGH said...

Very fun and clever idea.

Lee Family said...

I love it Bos. Love it. You should frame it. I want to try.

paula said... always were so artistic. You did something like this with a picture we took in 8th grade in a fake car. Do you remember? Anyway-if I was Vanilla Wafer I'd be ticked off in the rain too...Rainbow Girl is taking up the entire umbrella on herself.

jennaloha said...

Rainbow mud. Oh you are a quirky one.

And did I tell you that I clicked on your husband's facebook profile and found that he and I have a friend in common? One of my neighbors and friend in my ward here: Andrea Smith (don't know her maiden name). I asked her how she knew Wade and she said that she went to high school with him.

So there you go. What is that, like two degrees of separation? Facebook brings us all together, it's like temple like in cyberspace.

jennaloha said...

I meant

like temple work in cyberspace unqoute.

Jen Adair said...

amber, your art project is amazing!!!

Wade and Marilyn said...

It's great!

jen said...

I LOVE coloring. It uses the right brain. Everyone needs a little more right brain usage!

Debbie said...

Norma clued me into your blog, Amber, and it is truly delightful. Your art is very "in" and reminds me of artist Claudine Hellmuth - here's her etsy address - eye candy for you!

Anonymous said...

Are you on vacation, Mrs. O? Because if you aren't, you should be posting some stuff for us to be entertained with.

Allen Family said...

I'm sad I didn't get the creative artistic gene that blessed you. And Niki. And your whole family. Why are you guys all so freaking talented!!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Aw shucks Wendy. I just wanted to see if anybody missed me before I posted again. Thanks for thinking of me.

Nicole, you are full of crap when you say you have no artistic gene. Look at the complicated method of doing your hair every morning!

Allen Family said...

sad, sad comment, if doing my hair is my only artistic ability!