Monday, April 20, 2009

Idaho Republicans Dirty Little Secret

As a born and bred spud girl, it is with great trepidation I divulge the back woods country secrets I discovered in my recent travels to Idaho.

 can a dirty secret be clean? The truth is, Mrs. Olsen knows and loves many an Idaho Republican. She just might be one for all you know! I was just making a joke because I don't understand how innovative and clean technologies that provide power have become a political issue. Hmmmmm....anyway.

If anything, it provided my linguistically challenged Vanilla Wafer with a new word for the day!

I'm glad to see that constant Idaho wind put to good use. As an insider tip: in my backroads drive I passed a little office building amidst the turbines called Invenergy. So while we're all losing our retirement in the markets, and getting flack for dirtying up the planet, this company just might be one to keep your eye on.

And if you live in California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, or Wyoming you can register all or a portion of your power needs to come from clean renewable sources, like wind, at the link here.


LGH said...

I have to say that I have often wondered the same thing; why are people so opposed to wind power? Could it be that Republicans are for big business, and oil and electricity are definitely big business!

Bridget said...

A lot of places you can't even add a wind turbine to your own house! Sometimes I wish people would quit worrying about all "issues" and just focused on what the problems really are and the best solutions for them. Like the free wind!

Rands Family said...

Hey women good to see your blog. You make me laugh. Here is my blog address Good to read about your family.

paula said...

My friends husband built these very windmills you photographed...that's funny. What old friend did you see?

Mrs. Olsen said...

Brooke, hey girl. Long time no see. Thanks for the link to your life.

Paula, my old friend I referred to in the 1st picture was running her fingers through our hair, aka the wind. I bet your friend had some better pictures than me. I really wanted to stand next to one to see how big they really really are.

And LGH, you are right on about the why, I just wish common sense could trickle past partisanship a little better sometimes.

jennaloha said...

I have to know I HAVE TO KNOW how you do these giant pictures in your blog. What's the secret? Please tell me. It's eating me up. I know it's like your personal cool thing, but you can share the trick, right?

Send me a secret code in my facebook inbox and then leave a comment on my blog, telling me the steps, (and using the code of course) and I'll decode it to make sure it stays on the down low.

I think Blake got a secet decoder pen from Ovaltine when he was a kid. I could use that even.