Monday, September 22, 2008

Why did the Chickens Cross the Road?

To get to my house, of course. They head straight for the front door.

It's so cute to hear chickens try to knock on the door. They just cluck really loud and start flapping their wings, scratching the glass with their feathers. Hang on there, just changin' a diaper, we're on our way! My son loves to pull the blinds up and get a sneak peak at door-callers, make sure they're legit and all.

Heeey, wait a second! That does not look like my kid.

Nope. Definitely not my kid. Yes on the needing some glass cleaning, no on the my-kid part.

Oh, what was that? I'm sorry, this isn't Mrs. Olsen's house? Wait a second, I'm Mrs. Olsen! Who's talking here?! I'm confused.

No, this is not Mrs. Olsen's house, but it might as well be the address for The Mister of the House, he loves it so. You see, with our recent move to the country this past summer, we got three things we never had before:

  1. a real honest-to-goodness backyard
  2. water rights
  3. and chickens

The Mister of the House, with all his entrepreneurial venturing and business sense, has got some good old-fashioned handyman skills to top it off. He built this sucker with his own two hands, and it's the beginning of our experiment called Living-Closer-to-the-Land-and-Knowing-the-Source-of-our-Food. Or for short we'll call it Being-a-Little-Closer-to-Natural-Living-but-Still-Being-a-Wannabe-Hippy. Yeah, that's a much easier way to say that, much better said. Okay, third time's a charm, it's called: Teaching-Your-Kids-To-Work.

Moving on.

It really does have a name though, it's called Bok Bok Cottage.

Now keep in mind it's a little cluttered. It's still a bit of a work-zone. We've still got some touch-up paint to do, got to find the perfect weathervane to mount on the roof, but it's powered up and ready to take our chickens on an egg-laying adventure over the winter.

Correction: The Mister of the House is actually much more handy with help from our awesome friends and family. Thanks Greg, Janis, Mike, Sara and Herm for your help with Bok Bok Cottage!


Lee Family said...

Did all of your comments get deleted?? Because I did want to point out to Paula the fact that Wendy has a great memory - remembering your journal's name - and so with that great memory comes validation for the story that you weren't sure you believed to be correct about you tying us up and throwing us in the closet. We can trust in Wendy's memory that we were tortured and ridiculed. Forget the fact that we know your journal's name . . . you locked us in a closet . . . twice!!

Holly said...

As a customer of Bok Bok Cottage (run by Chloe), I just wanted to say THANKS! I am LOVING my home grown eggs!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Yes Lee Family. I'm an idiot and all the comments are gone. Dangit!

I never tied you up. Remember how I was the peacemaker?