Friday, September 26, 2008

Mrs. Olsen for President

So it's campaign season again. The fact that this "season" spans a good 8 rounds of God's regular seasons is, frankly, a little annoying.

I'm not much of a news junkie, I save that for The Mister of the House, but I have my values and my own issues that are important. For one thing, we are trying really hard to reduce our debt at The Olsen House. That was working pretty good until our $3,000 in car fixes this summer, and then The Mister of the House had an affair with chickens and built them a mansion in my backyard. Other than that, I'd say we're doing okay (we're starving, but we're doing okay).

My point is that I just found out that the 2 major candidates have raised over $480 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS just to run for office. I realize this is a big country, and that it costs money to get the word out, but instead of spending X-hundreds of thousands of dollars on crappy TV commercials, why not illustrate some of your solutions in a microcosm environment?

Are you with me people? I'm Barack Obama and Iwant to invest in renewable resources. The average cost of producing a 30-second national TV commercial is nearly $350,000. So I take that money, go to Po-Dunkville in a battleground state and I shake up their energy grid by planting different energy sources on 50 properties in the village. Wind turbine at Mr. Smith's house, a solar panel at Mrs. Miller's house. So on and so forth and everyone is looking at the numbers and discussing the best solutions and possibilities...or alterations. But we're talking and getting solutions. You follow it with a camera, it goes viral online and the major news networks follow it like vultures.

Sheesh, that was simple. News just in! Mrs. Olsen for President!

McCain? He could use some money by picking some wounded veterans. After all, he was a wounded veteran. Well, he takes these guys (or gals) and he pays for their medical costs and their college tuition to illustrate the benefits he wants smother on these soldiers because of their love and sacrifice for our great country. These guys tell their stories, it goes viral online and the major news networks follow it like vultures. You see a PLAN IN ACTION.

Okay, I'm not waxing political on you. Really. Let's not get our panties in a wad. Let's have some fun okay? I'm sure you've seen this little ditty raging through emails, but it's so original, fun, and completely entertaining when you put your dad's head in there.

This is a JibJab original, it's equally teasing to both parties and it's got a catchy tune.

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The Better Business Blog said...

That is great! Both candidates caricature really well. I loved when Hillary nailed Bill over the head. Classic.
So I thought it was pretty harsh/funny with both candidates…What does everyone else think? My mantra is moderation. I am not partisan either direction. And I definitely like a little humor…

Wade and Marilyn said...

You make some very good points, Amber.

Lee Family said...

so funny. When you emailed it to me I was so shocked to see Marilyn in the video. Oh, there's my mom - she's a star.
I'm with you on that outrageous amount of money for campaigning. I just dream of all the things I could buy on Craigslist with that money . . . possibilities are endless . . . or all the good causes OF COURSE that could be funded, I'm with you.

p.s. I guess if you're truly starving then, well, you've got chickens. Although the MISTER of THe HOUSE might cry his lil' eyes out. You heard me mister of the house. I'll bring the great white (My Mister of the HOUSE) with his bow and arrow, we'll set those chickens loose and see what kind of dinner we can conjure up. then you won't be starving.
man, I am funny - right?